Forum Auctions is holding an auction exclusively featuring Banksy's work on 12th October 2016 at The Westbury Hotel in London's Mayfair.

The auction aims to feature the entire catalogue of Banksy's published editions alongside some edition canvases ans unique works.

Many of Banksy’s iconic images, such as Balloon Girl, Kate Moss, Laugh Now, Pulp Fiction, LA set, Very Little Helps, HMV, No Ball Games, Golf Sale, Christ With Shopping Bags, Love Is In the Air, NOLA, Radar Rat and Choose Your Weapon are achieving substantial prices at auction.

We continue to take in consignments for the sale. See below for examples of the estimates at which we are accepting authenticated and mint prints, either signed or unsigned.

Golf Sale, 2003

"Signed £6,000-8,000

Unsigned £3,000-5,000

Love is in the air, 2003

Signed £20,000-25,000,

Unsigned £7,000-10,000

Pulp Fiction, 2004

Signed £12,000-18,000,

Unsigned £6,000-8,000

Laugh Now, 2003

Signed £15,000-20,000,

Unsigned £6,000-8,000

Balloon Girl, 2004

Signed £40,000-60,000,

Unsigned £15,000-20,000

Bomb Hugger, 2003

Signed £12,000-18,000,

Unsigned £6,000-8,000

Christ with shopping bags, 2004


Kate Moss, 2005

Signed £35,000-45,000

Choose your weapon, 2010

Signed £20,000-30,000

VIP £30, 000-50,000

Radar Rat, 2004

Signed £15,000-20,000

Estimates for works with condition issues can be discussed.

Should you not already have an authenticity certificate we are able to arrange for these on your behalf, though encourage you to submit details of such works as soon as possible. We will not be selling any material that is ineligible to receive a Pest Control Certificate of Authenticity.