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Nazraeli Press.- Six by Six, 36 vol. [a complete set of 6 sets of 6], number 36 of 100 sets, each with signed original photographic print, all signed, numbered and often dated on verso and loosely inserted, illustrations, many colour, original black cloth, each signed by the photographer on label to foot of lower cover, dust-jackets, each set of 6 together in original black cloth slip-case, large 4to, Portland, OR, Nazraeli Press, 2010-16.

⁂ An immaculate and complete set of this major collection of photographic work.

Set 1. 2010: Hernandez (Anthony) East Baltimore; Hido (Todd) Motel Club; Meeks (Raymond) Amwell; Parr (Martin) Machu Picchu; Shibata (Toshio) Expressway, 1986; Steinmetz (Mark) The Ancient Tigers of My Neighbourhood

Set 2. 2011: Deal (Joe) Karst and Pseudokarst (with 2 photographs on folding sheet); Marcuse (Tanya) Wax Bodies; Mills (Joseph) Psycho Path; Shore (Stephen) Ashkelon; Soth (Alec) Mostly Women; Suzuki (Risaku) Atelier of Cézanne: A Preliminary Study

Set 3. 2012: Christenberry (William) House Near Akron; Del Valle (Eduardo) & Mirta Gómez. On View; Divola (John) Los Angeles International Airport. Noise Abatement Zone (Exterior Views), 1975; Moriyama (Daido) Fishnet; Muller (Karin Apollonia) Timber Cove; Weems (Carrie Mae) Slow Fade to Black

Set 4. 2012: Adams (Robert & Kerstin) Sally; Burtynsky (Edward) Monegros; Izu (Kenro) Blue; Opie (Catherine) The Middle of Somewhere; Rickard (Doug) A New American Picture; Suda (Issei) Sparrow Island

Set 5. 2014: Callis (Jo Ann) Performance; Demand (Thomas) The Stove; Kawada (Kikuji) Japan 1951-1960; Kenna (Michael) Confessionali; Misrach (Richard) [Misrach]; Modica (Andrea) L'Amico del Cuore

Set 6. 2016: Ballen (Roger) Appearances; Brodie (Mike) August 29th-September 8th 2010, Oakland, CA-Oakland CA, United States; Goldberg (Jim) Ruby Every Fall; Grannan (Katy) and Hannah Hughes. The Glint of Light on Broken Glass; Khan (Idris) Church Walk; Minter (Marilyn) Florida 1969


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