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Cookery, Household & Medical.- Hawtrey (Anne, daughter of Ralph Hawtrey, of Eastcote House, Ruislip, Middlesex, c. 1626-1727, second wife of Sir Charles Blois, of Grundisburgh Hall and Cockfield Hall, Yoxford, Suffolk, 1657-1738, 1669-1727) Mrs Anne Hawtreys Recipe Book, manuscript in several hands, 182pp., a few reverse entries, a few recipes laid down, inscribed on front free endpaper by Hawtrey: "I give it to my daughter Ann Blois", slightly browned, one letter (from the Rev. George Turner, rector of Kettleburgh) and a few manuscript recipes loosely inserted, original panelled reverse calf, folio, [1689 - 18th century].

A very fine cookery and medical recipe book from the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th centuries.

Recipes including: "to make a Sack Posset"; "to stew tripe"; "to make an oatmeal puding"; "to make Almon Custerds"; "to make Minced pyes... take two pounds of befe..."; "to make nettle Cheese thin"; "to make runnett [rennett]"; "buttered rabits or chicklings"; "to make A thick Cheese"; "to make Creme Caudle"; "To make Wiggs"; "to make plum Suger Cakes"; "to Make Cowslip wine"; "to make Lemon wine"; "almond butter of rice... Sett a quart of thick Cream one the fire..."; "to cure the bite of a mad dog"; "to lay to the feet to draw from the head in fevours"; "A very good thing to due the face with after the small pox"; "Dr Lowers preparation of Steel"; "for the jandus [Jaundice]"; "simpathitot powder";"Sr John Hollands Hunny drink for a Consumption"; "Dr lowers recipe for ye Giddiness in the head"; "Salve to draw out thornes"; "Dr Bates his red powder... take dragons, tormentels..."; "to Cure a speck in ye eye" etc.


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