Online Sale: Books and Works on Paper

Online Sale: Books and Works on Paper

Viewing: Forum Auctions, 220 Queenstown Road, London SW8 4LP

Our second online book auction offers a far wider range of subjects than the first but, similarly, features individual and multiple lots. The opening section of Travel books includes Africa, America, India and Russia and features a rare work on Turkey, Happel’s Thesaurus Exoticorum, 1688 (lot 23). Within this and the British Topography sections there are also several lots of maps, including various manuscript examples covering the world and caricatures.

There are books on natural history – birds, herbals, fruit, botany – sport, cookery, forestry and even pig-sticking. An art reference section includes a House of Commons report on the Elgin Marbles from 1816 (lot 53) and the following lot is a catalogue of the contents of Alton Towers. Continental books include two printed by Aldus, an example of Greek printing and woodcut- and other illustrated works from the 16th to 18th centuries. A first abridged edition of Dr. Johnson’s dictionary is offered as lot 89, estimate £200-300 as is a copy of Hayley’s Essay on Old Maids, 1785 which, it is conjectured, may have influenced Jane Austen (lot 93). From around the same era, but of an entirely different inclination, is a group of portraits of the transsexual, Mademoiselle la  Chevaliere d’Eon de Beaumont (lot 95).

Sections of Modern First Editions, Private Press and Illustrated books conclude the sale, the latter including another lot of cartographic interest, which might make a nice wedding present - a group of scarce 19th century manuscript ‘matrimonial’ maps, charting the delights and perils of marriage (lot 145).

Thursday 20th October 2016 3:00pm BST

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