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America.- Jansson (Jan) and Jodocus Hondius. America noviter delineata, rare example of this impressive map of South and North America, before the removal of the lower border of illustrations, showing from Tierra del Fuego in the south to Cape Mendocino and the Hudson Strait, with two inset maps of the Polar regions, Australis Terra Incognita in the lower left, and decorated on all four sides with carte-a-figures borders describing the native Americans and the major cities, engraving with full hand-colouring on laid paper without visible watermark, sheet 470 x 570 mm (18 1/2 x 22 1/2 in), laid onto conservation support, with areas of expert restoration to the corners in facsimile, further repairs to loss and splitting to old folds within the map, small parts of the margin replaced in facsimile, and other small areas of loss replaced in careful facsimile visible when backlit, unframed, [circa 1623-1632].

Burden, Philip D., The mapping of North America, 207, state 2/3 (of 5)

Scarce early example of this important map, including the lower border with illustrations normally found removed. The map itself is derived from Jannson's brother-in-law Jodocus Hondius's 1618 map of the Americas, but with differences in the title cartouche at lower right, which has the addition of two skulls, and the flanking illustrated figures stand in reverse [Burden].

The present map is likely an example of Burden's third state (four border panels and a missing piece of the top right hand corner), rather than the second state printed before the upper right corner was chipped; while the upper right corner is present, it appears in facsimile.


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