Insurance Valuations

We provide written and illustrated insurance valuations.  Unless otherwise requested, our insurance valuations are undertaken on the basis of our best estimate of the price at which an item can be replaced in the retail market.  We undertake insurance valuations with a starting reference to our auction mid-estimate valuation, and applying a multiplier to reflect the retail environment in which it would be replaced in the event of loss.  For example, an object with a £1,000 auction mid estimate value might have an insurance value of £2,000 if it is to be replaced from an online dealer, or £4,000 if it is to be replaced at a central London retailer. 

Our approach is consistent with the requirements of all major art and chattels insurers.  When seeking an insurance valuation it is always essential that you provide us with as much information as you can including the provenance of an item, where and when it was bought and whether you have received past valuations.

Whilst we charge a fee for providing written insurance valuations this may be refunded in the event that you subsequently sell any valued item through us at auction or by private treaty.  Our fees are quoted on a case by case basis and reflect the amount of time required to inspect and research an object as well as taking into account the overall value of the object.